Our 52 Year History

Back in the early 2000s, Tom (Managing Director) completed his apprenticeship with a high-end residential construction company called Panda Electrical. After the GFC hit in 2009 and construction jobs started to dry up, Tom took a job with a small but long-established electrical maintenance company called Bruce Scott & Co. This company was working in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs, and was started back in 1972 by Bruce Scott.

In all that time Bruce came to know every trick in the book concerning residential and commercial electrical work. These skills were dutifully passed onto the Tom during his 7 years working there.

Bruce eventually decided it was time to hand over the reins to Tom, and under new management the company was renamed MetElec.

Bruce has stayed on in an advisory role and is still found solving electrical problems in Sydney's East.

Since coming under Tom's management, the company has grown to 5 members and now serves the whole of Sydney with the same commitment to customer service, technical knowledge, and great prices.

Tom Metzner

Principal / Managing Director

Tom has been working as an electrician in the Sydney Eastern beaches area for 14 years and knows just about all there is to know about domestic renovations and maintenance in the electrical field. After working for the Bruce Scott & Co electrical company for 6 years, Tom bought the business and rebranded as MetElec. Tom brought attention for detail and customer focus to the new business and MetElec continue to provide their customers with the same excellence that was available from the Bruce Scott & Co company and more.

Bruce Scott

Previous Business Owner / Consultant Electrician

Bruce was the owner of Bruce Scott & Co which gained a highly regarded reputation among real estate agents and private customers in the Eastern Beaches area. After working with Tom closely for 7 years, he decided to retire from daily duties and pass the reins on to Tom’s capable hands. He has 46 years of experience as an electrical contractor and knows just about every trade secret there is to know. His position in the company is a consultant electrician who works side by side with us on bigger jobs which need an extra set of hands or a second opinion on how best to carry out the works.

Sam Thomas


Sam has been with MetElec for more than 2 years and previously started his traineeship with a construction and building electrical outfit. At 30 years old he has completed his training and is currently in the process of getting his trade certification. He has had years of trade experience before beginning his electrical training with us and will be a fully qualified electrician in early 2017.

Zach Hodgson

Mature Age Apprentice

Zach started with us at the beginning of 2016 and is 25 years old. As a mature aged apprentice Zach brings a lot of life experience to the team and has a background in customer service – an attribute which is one of our main goals at MetElec. With his attention to detail and positive work attitude, we look forward to progressing forwards in his training until he too reaches a level of competency and more in the electrical contracting field.

Claire Walsh

Mature Aged Apprentice

Claire is a 27 year old Registered Nurse who was originally from Ireland but now calls Australia home. After working for several years here in the health care system she has decided to re-skill as an electrician. Much like nursing, excellent people skills, attention to detail and dexterity when working with her hands are all important to making a good electrician, and so far this has been evident in her extremely fast progression through her training.

Travis Buchanan


Travis is our newest addition to the MetElec family. He completed his Year 12 studies in 2016 and has jumped straight into an electrical apprenticeship. He started working with Rail Corp but found the work was not challenging enough so after a series of interviews and trials decided that he was keen to get a more well rounded work experience with us. Bright eyed and bushy tailed, Travis is always eager to learn and help in whatever way he can.